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Item: HB4

 HB4 is the same pattern cheek as HB1,2 &3


This is a plain stylish version of the same bridle cheek pattern with a fancy stitching pattern rather than the double thickness body with patent leather colour inserts.

It is a single thickness leather cheekpiece made with the same quality materials.

The colour of thread used in the fancy stitching pattern is available in red or black thread. Other colours to suit your flight's may be available upon request.

This bridle is available with either a plain leather or a brass clincher brow band. A Fancy stitching pattern is available across the brow band upon request.

I will be looking at being able to offer the option of adding your initials in a monogram (fancy scrolled letters) style of fancy stitching rather than the pattern of the ovals as in HB1,2&3.Please enquire via the contact me page if you wish to discuss this option.

Lead rein is available with a solid brass chain and clip end or a buckle and long billet style which attaches under the chin as a brass chain does but has a softer action for the horse that does not like the feel of a curb chain action.
Beehive rosettes are an optional extra. For a showing bit to be supplied with this bridle, please visit the ride-drive section in my gallery.

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