I have a range of show harness that can be made up to suit your requirements with a range of patterns of Saddles, Breechings, Bridles and Decorative Straps and Martingales and Droppers to choose from.

I can make up seperate items to suit existing harness to make them more suitable for entering harness classes.

I make my own stainless steel cart chains to a standard length, i can make breeching and tug chains to suit your requirements.


I can provide sets for the growing Ladies/Gents Cart Harness classes. The traditional Sliding Belly Band and solid round Tug's as is traditional for two wheeled vehicles. Also i can make one pad in the style of what you know as pairs pads used for Pairs Trade Turn Out classes. Along with Bridles, Breechings, Traces and decorative straps to suit your taste's.

I will also make the conversion tug strap as a seperate item to then convert one half of your pairs set to be used as a single set for a ladies cart turn out.

Everything you see in the Show Harness section can be mixed and matched to create a set of Show Harness to suit your taste's and requirements.

All items listed in the Show Harness Gallery here and in the martingales and droppers section here are available as single items or in multiples.

I am happy to copy your existing Martingale and Dropper styles so that you can keep the same patterns to replace any tired and worn items.

I have found it useful to offer customers who wish to have a set made the option to buy say the Bridle one month, then a saddle another month or so and build the set up by purchasing one item at a time over a period of your choosing.

Please feel free to make enquiries via the contact me page to discuss your personal requirements.