There is a range of choice with the stallion rollers I make for all the Heavy Horse breeds, the choice of leather colour available that is most widely used is a Dark Havana, (brown) Black or chestnut (a rich brown red colour).

They are available in a plain finish,  or with some fancy stitching patterns on the top.Also you can have some flash colour piping along the cushion edges, and/or some fancy cut out patterns backed with a patent leather colour of your choice on the roller top (see pictures)

They are available as a two buckle or a three buckle per side roller.

Also available is the option of rolled side reins & bearing rein.

Flat straps are standard.

They come with a choice of in hand bridles.

Also available is a roller set traditional to the Suffolk Punch breed of Heavy Horse.
This has a narrower belt to go round the girth & has one or two buckles on one side of the roller rather than buckles both sides.

Please feel free to make enquiries via the contact me page to discuss your requirements.