Plough Gears

Item: PG7

PG7 is a standard every day work bridle using the blocked out winkers to give clearance for the eye's. There is a choice of brass ornaments for the winkers.

The Noseband can be a straight plain strap as shown or i can shape it in the traditional style for Agricultural Bridles.

 Browband is available in plain leather as shown or a brass clincher browband can be added. Can be made to use with the traditional drinking bits or bit straps can be supplied to use a straight bar with rings.

The other option available is to have a small return strap that attaches to the rings either side of the noseband and buckles up around the back of chin as you would do up a hame strap, to then be able to use a curbed bit if needed. A curbed bit like a Liverpool bit will not work properly without this strap on an Agricultural Bridle.The main reason I offer this option is to be able to drive out on the road or in a ring display if you need a bit more brakes than a straight bar bit can supply, it is a safer option to use a driving bit for safety on the road. For off road, it can then be removed back to the straight bar bit option.

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