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Item: RD6

RD6 is a Pelham with a Waterford centre.

This bit with the Waterford centre has proved very good for the horse that tends to grab hold of the bit or lean heavily into the bit. Especially for a Heavy Horse rider, this can be very hard work.

The Waterford centre can help greatly to overcome this. The centre is very fluid in the mouth due to the totally flexible centre. The horse cannot grab hold or try to ride through this type of centre.

If your horse is very 'set' in the head carriage or is not happy with a Snaffle or Curb bit, this can help ease the 'set'  posture and can help you to work with your horse to help acheive a better head carriage and over come any issues with other bit types.

Available in 6.5", 7" and 7.5".

Please quote RD6 as the reference when ordering.


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