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The bridle pictured in RB1 and RB2 is a flat hunter bridle with a 2 inch wide noseband made in accordance with showing heavy horses under saddle.  As heavy horses are being ridden and shown under saddle to the same spec as heavy hunters , this style of bridle will conform to the specified bridle type required.

Available in black or brown with stainless steel square bridle buckles as shown or in brass in the same style with buckle and billet on the bottom of the cheek piece for the bit.   As standard the billets are 3/4 inch wide, but it is dependant on the bit you use,  I will need to know the bit type you wish to use to ascertain wether the billets will go through the loops on a curb bit such as a Pelham or hanging cheek etc.

The options for reins for show are plain leather reins, continental laced or plaited available in 5/8 and 3/4 wide.  I can supply two sets of reins for use with a Pelham, the top rein being 3/4 inch wide and the bottom rein in 5/8 inch wide and as an example the top rein can be plain leather and the bottom rein either continental laced or plaited or both reins the same style but different width's, the options for reins are down to personal preference to specify upon placing an order.

Breast plates can be supplied to match.

This style of bridle is made in accordance for entry to HOYS.



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